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DEAR H.O.P.E Family

Releasing this album is like having one of those dreams that you’re flying. I don’t get those kinds of dreams often, but this experience sure brings that vision to life.

It's unimaginable that I would have the chance to release my journal through song on my own. My ideas, my production, my baby, in a way. Certainly not for my own gain, but for your benefit. I’ve told God many years ago and it still applies, that my pain, my experiences, and the songs that come out of it is all worth it if it benefits someone else.

In this album, I’ve summed up all of my highs and my lows in the rawest and most beautiful way possible. If I am not genuine with my art, it’s just noise. This album, with all the passion, emotion, and tears it took to create, is just the opposite.

My prayer is that you will find joy, peace, confidence, and also the strength to be real with yourself, real with God, and come out stronger than ever before. May this album take you on a journey and even more than my love, may you feel the love of God.

Love you always and spread H.O.P.E.

The H.O.P.E. collection by Christa Deánā

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